Generations of Craftsmanship

If you're looking for a unique and eye-catching chain, you should definitely check out Cuban link chains. Cuban link chains have a fascinating history, and Oro is proud to honor this heritage with impeccable craftsmanship and traditional materials. We are one of the few shops in the country that specialize in hand making these chains.

In this blog post, we will take a look at the history of Cuban links, and we will discuss three things to consider when shopping for your Cuban link chain piece.


How Did the Cuban Link Chain Originate?

Cuban link chains can be spotted on many people, including many of your favorite artists like Jay-Z, DJ Khaled, Lil Baby, and many more. They are often referred to as "Miami Cuban link chains." This is because they originated in Miami and inspired by Cuban culture in the 1970s and 1980s. Hispanic culture Combined with the growing popularity of hip hop, has deemed the Cuban link chain is one of today's most iconic fashion statements. 


What Are Cuban Link Chains?

The Cuban link chain is rich, sleek, shiny, and lustrous. Its links have curved edges that create a smooth, symmetrical pattern that lays comfortably on the customer.


3 Things To Consider When Choosing A Cuban Link Chain

Authenticity: Quality and Craftsmanship In Cuban Link Chains

Here at Oro, we tap heritage and generations of craftsmanship to handcraft and manufacture all of our Cuban links. We have created pieces for some of the most famous artists today, and we put the same attention to detail in every piece we make, whether it is custom or not. Check out this video to see how we create custom, "one-for-one" pieces. Also, check out our handcrafted Cuban link chains here.


Metal And Material: Cuban Link Gold Chains and Finishes

We make traditional Cuban link gold chains. However, we offer them in various fashionable finishes, such as white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, and even a combination of all three, “Tri-color”.

Karats are a measure of gold's strength and purity. Typically, 24 karat gold is 100% pure, while lower karats are alloys that contain gold and a mixture of other metals. Alloys vary in the percentage of pure gold that they contain. 24 karat gold is generally too soft to be practical so mixing it with another metal provides durability.

We manufacture our gold alloys in a variety of karats but always use 24 karat gold when making the alloy. This ensures quality, authenticity, lasting shine, and durability.


Style: Sizing the Cuban Links and Chain

Cuban link chains are some of the most stylish and versatile chain pieces that exist. When it comes to choosing your piece, size and thickness are important factors to consider.

Try a Cuban chain between 2 and 3mm in thickness for a minimal, clean look. A 5 mm size is large enough to be seen but not aggressively large. If you're going for a statement piece, you will definitely want something over 5mm.

Lengths are determined in inches. When deciding your perfect length, ask yourself questions like where you want the piece to lay, how noticeable you want it to be, and how you plan to style it. For example, will it have a pendant? 

Keep in mind that the longer the chain and the thicker the link, the heavier and more noticeable it will be.

Oro is proud to carry forward generations of tradition and craftsmanship of authentic Cuban link chains. We love hand making them right where it all started, in Miami.