"La Mona Lisa" Custom Jewelry Piece for Justin Quiles 

We're excited to announce that Oro has created a stunning custom jewelry piece for Latin music superstar Justin Quiles. The "La Mona Lisa" custom pendant was designed and created closely with Justin, and it is a beautiful piece of statement art . We are so honored that he chose ORO to create this unique piece for him. 

Here, we share an exclusive, insider peek at what the journey was like and the incredible custom pendant and chain that resulted. You'll see exactly what it takes to have a "one-of-one" custom jewelry piece by us, what a "green light is," and how many details go into making a piece for an artist like Justin.


Getting the "Green Light" For Justin Quiles Custom Necklace and Pendant

When Justin came to us, he needed one thing: an extraordinary, one of a kind piece that no one had ever seen before.. When a client comes to us with a request like that, we assure we get the "green light." This means that we have no budget. The sky is the limit, and we have full reign to design the perfect piece. As you can imagine, a project with full creative freedom is a lot of fun for the ORO team. 


From Fantasy to Reality: Designing Justin's Custom Jewelry

After Justin gave us the green light and his design ideas, our designers got to work on the computer. A few elements we looked at were:

Overall dimensions



Size of the stones

Once we got the perfect design, we created a 3-D wax model that would show Justin exactly how his pendant would look. This allowed him to give us feedback and any additional changes or alterations he wanted. He did not want the piece to be completely covered in diamonds and possibly take away from the design of the Mona Lisa. With the 3-D model he could choose exactly where he wanted to place stones and where he did not want to place them.


The "One-Of-One" Result

After all the communication and collaboration, we ended up with what we call the "one-of-one" piece. We call it this because there are no duplicates in the world - it's one of a kind - a true original.

Justin's pendant was a breathtaking Mona Lisa with her hands clasped. It included 50-carats on the piece, a custom chain, and his initials. Check it out in this video.


Oro Creates Custom Jewelry for Men and Women 

We are the family behind Oro. We offer custom jewelry for men and women not only in Miami but worldwide. 

We've been in business for many years prior to the creation of the ORO Brand in 2015. As the making of Justin's custom piece shows, we maintain a traditional custom jewelry-making process. We do this by participating in every part of the process from start to finish.

We keep the focus on the client and their artistic vision, making sure to deliver the best quality materials and impeccable craftsmanship that endures for a lifetime. We are also proud that our production time is one of the fastest in the industry. We have the skills to bring your custom jewelry fantasy to reality.

We hope you enjoyed this insider peek at what it's like to design and create custom jewelry with us. If you're looking for the ultimate custom jewelry piece and experience, contact us today.