1. Bring Your Item

For any item of value you may wish to pawn or sell, just bring it in. You will also need to have a valid government-issued photo I.D. with you.

2. Get a loan

Once we appraise your item, we’ll let you know the dollar amount we are able to advance. You walk out with cash while we hold your item. The time period for the loan varies depending on state law. And, when your item is with us, you can be assured that we keep it safe and secure

3. Pay back your loan

When you pay off your loan, you can reclaim your item. And if you need more time, no worries. We often can offer you an extension or renewal, as permitted by law. Of course, you can also forfeit your collateral in which case there is nothing further you need to do. Not paying off your loan is a perfectly acceptable course of action. It will not affect your credit score. To retrieve your item, just pay off your loan. It’s that simple.


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