Cuban Link Chain - 14K WG 8mm


This piece of jewelry was handcrafted and manufactured by ORO.

Solid Gold - One of the precious metals that will not oxidize or discolor, since it is the least reactive metal. Our Solid 14K Gold jewelry is manufactured from 24K gold because of the higher quality gold alloy which gives our pieces their lasting shine, and durability. It is also active lifestyle’s best friend, as it scratches less, does not bend or wear out as easily as 18K gold.

Approximate Weight: *Handmade Cuban Link pieces vary weights from 5-15 grams under or over final product weight*

100g at 20"
110g at 22"
120g at 24"
130g at 26"
140g at 28"

Estimated shipping:
If in stock, ships within three business days
If not in stock, ships within 4-6 weeks

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